DIY DSLR Rigs Layout2.jpg
A DSLR rig essentially is a system that buids up the DSLR into a film making camera and can be configured according to the shooting needs of the camera man.

Most common rigs start with the baseplate which attaches to the camera. You then build this up by inserting rods whereupon you add all the extras. The baseplate and rods take all the load of your added accessories.

My old diy design required some spot welding thus making it difficult for most DIY'ers. Now I have sourced all my parts and tools from Lowe's, Home Depot and even one item from Walmart. This design will no longer require welding, instead you need a metal hack saw, a drill, preferably a drill press, a way to hold the pieces while cutting, either clamps or preferably a vise and a rivet tool. Now U.S. based diyer's can acquire their parts easily.

Take note that the industry standard for rail rods are 15mm, the "rods" cheaply available at lowe's and home depot are 12.7 mm aluminum or steel tubes so for those starting from scratch and dare to have their own "standard" like me, you can use the cheaply available tubes as rods for your DIY rig. If you have an existing rod system and need compatibility just change the bit for the drill so it will accept the 15mm rods.

This video shows the different configurations possible.

The rig's central component is centered on the baseplate. The baseplate and the components that attach to it has a common part and that is the rail block. This is the piece that you insert the rods through and holds them in place. I've made a separate guide for the rail block alone so this will be referenced for the components that require this part.

DIY Rail Block.jpg

Where to cut the aluminum tube for the rail block.

DIY Rail Block 2.jpg

Now, on to the baseplate and rods. This design will allow you to use it directly mounted under the DSLR or with a QR adapter, in this sample we use the popular Manfrotto 577 QR adapter.

DIY Bsseplate part1.jpg

Part 2 found in PDF File for download.

Shoulder mount configuration.

To have a set up for shoulder mounted shooting we'll need the baseplate, handles, shoulder pad cushion, and counterweight. see separate guides on how to make the other components.

shoulder pad.JPG
hand grips.jpg
DIY Chest Pad Support assembled.jpg

The instructions for making the following components can be downloaded in a PDF link below.


Shoulder pad.


Chest support.

Download PDF for Shoulder mount components.

Putting the components together and the addition of longer rods/tubes you can now have a stable shoulder mounted rig.

DIY DSLR Shoulder mount rig.jpg

Hope you found this post useful.

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