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DIY Plywood Skater Mini

5d red one plywood skater.jpg
A DIY Plywood version of the Oscar award winning Skater-mini by P+S Technik.

One of the most viewed DIY threads at DVXUser. Im posting it here for those who wish to DIY this device, for those unique and subtle curved and straight camera moves.

plywood skater for post2.jpg

Download PDF.

Here's some images during the construction process.

construction pics plywood skater.jpg

Since this was posted, a lot of DIYers have downloaded the plans and have made their own versions of the plywood skater using different materials, acrylic, aluminum, and others. Some of them even end up on ebay!

Despite the temptation for commercial gain, these plans continue to be posted here and in other forums online for free in the spirit of DIYing and to provide solutions for those on a tight budget. Several people have made their own versions of this and you can see some of their work posted at a forum thread at I hope you find this helpful.

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