DIY Gearless Follow Focus

Firstly, this is NOT a Replacement for the real geared follow focus. But so far it works on my old 50mm nikon, 105mm nikon, 20-40mm sigma and the 80-200mm nikon.

Follow Focus DIY1.jpg

This is a close up of the rail block showing the elongated cut on the bottom

allowing the clamp holding the wheel to slide and adjust to different

lens barrel sizes.

Gearlless FF railblock hole.jpg

Bracket angle.

Gearless FF angle of bend.jpg

A later modification I made, changing the wheel size for better focusing accuracy.

Follow Focus DIY2.jpg

Making a traction strip for those old and slippery focus rings.

Follow Focus DIY3.jpg

Here is a short video showing this device in action.

Since Oct. 6, 2009 when I first posted this online, everal people have made their own versions of this and you can see some of their work posted at a forum thread at

I hope you find this helpful.

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